# SummerDrinks. Coffee Cubes or Tea Cubes

If you are a Melbourne local, you will know that we are slowly stepping away from the cold Winter days and in to the Spring / Summer afternoons. School holidays have been on for the past two weeks in Melbourne and I must say, our pool has been red hot with friends, kids, BBQ dinners and lunches.

We love to entertain and we love to Host a Sunday Roast ( a concept I created a few years ago ). Open door Sunday Roast dinners and drinks at my place. Always a big hit. However on those really hot Melbourne days / nights you don't always feel like an alcoholic beverage. So I started to introduce a different concept to the BBQ afternoons and Host a Sunday Roast nights.

Freezing coffee and your choice or tea in cube trays makes life so much easier when you are looking for a cool Iced Coffee or a refreshing Iced Tea. Simply whack out a few cubes from the ice tray and pour over cold milk ( coffee cubes ) or iced water ( tea cubes) a few garnishes and you are done.

Over the recent years I have seen this become more and more popular. Friends keeping batches of Iced Tea in the fridge or Coffee for a cool afternoon kick instead of something hot.

Its not as hard as it seems and below are the recipes that I use and I promise you will love.


1. Using the Coben Coffee Drip cone and stand. Brew a large mug or glass of ground coffee.

2. Let the coffee cool down and pour evenly in to your ice cube trays.

3. Place trays in to your freezer and wait until they are completely frozen. As you would ice.

4. Pop out as many coffee cubes as you like ( depending on how strong you like your coffee ) and place in to a glass or pitcher.

5. Pour cold milk over the Coffee Cubes and stir well. The Coffee Cubes will eventually blend.

6. Add sugar etc for a sweeter coffee if you like.


1. In your tea pot or Travel Mug / Infuser Mug, brew a batch of tea you love.

2. Let the tea cool down and pour evenly in to your ice cube trays.

3. Place trays in to your freezer and wait until they are frozen. I often freeze a few different batches of different tea. Nice to have options.

4. Pop out your cubes in to your glass or pitcher and add cold water. Depending on how strong you like your iced tea will depend on how many cubes you use.

5. Stir and wait for the cubes to infuse into the water.

6 Garnish your tea or add sugar if you enjoy a sweet tea. ( Use mint leave for example for peppermint tea to garnish).


Another way you can do Iced Tea and Coffee is to just make a pot, wait for it to cool down. Place in the fridge and enjoy through the day.

Easy, Refreshing, Cool and Brilliant.

Team Teaology Melbourne.

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