#PourOverCoffee - trend or fad? #fallinlove with mornings again.

Updated: Mar 21, 2018

How many of you out there still stumble out of bed, make your way to you kitchen and reach straight for the instant coffee jar? I'm sure there is still quite a lot of you. We must admit that we

were probably the number one offender in this morning ritual.

All you want is that coffee fix before you start your day. And lets face it, not a lot of us want to wait until we get to our closest cafe for that caffeine hit to liven us up. Not to mention the cost factor that really can hit your hip pocket.

But then again, what are we really talking about? Instant isn't that bad after all and I guess we are all creatures of habit and habit is hard to break. BUT ... THEN... we were introduced to the trending craze that is pour over coffee. Changed our mornings FOREVER.

Over the years we in Melbourne have seen this trend grow more and more in the cafe scene. While its not mainstream every where, the pour over or drip coffee revolution is upon us. Sure it may look like a lot of hard work for that cup of gold first thing in the morning. However we can assure you its not. It couldn't be more easier if it tried.

Pour over coffee is not a fad at all... its a long term trend that is predicted to grow Melbourne and Australia wide, especially in the home.

As more and more people grasp the new coffee concept, they are realising that they can have a cafe quality coffee at home, in minutes with out the bulky machines or the costly equipment.

And lets be clear. Pour over coffee is not the same as automatic drip coffee you are probably thinking of everytime you see or think of an American diner. An unenthused waitress asking you for a refill. NO! The die hards, lovers and converted will have no problems telling you that pour over creates a more complex coffee with litter bitterness, leaving crisp bright notes that will send your senses into over drive.

Once you start looking into this little trend ( not so little now ) you will more than likely start to wonder just what is all the fuss about?

Let us tell you. You will never know, until you give it a go. There are many ways you can create a pour over, here at Teaology Melbourne we use the Stainless Steel filter which requires no paper filters at all!

All you need to fall in love with mornings again is a coffee pot, TM stainless steel filter and your prized ground coffee. Thats it. No extra purchases, no maintenance on your POD machine, no bulk, just coffee. Get your butt into gear coffee.

Get trending and bring the latest coffee craze to your place. Everyone will love you for it. Well, at least YOU will love you for it.

Fall in love with mornings again.


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