who we are

Teaology Melbourne started from our passion and obsession with tea, minimalist design and value. We are a tea loving, bespoke, Australian brand.

We have grown into a successful online business, committed to bringing you

on tread and quality blends, largely suggested by you. 

All of our tea is whole loose leaf tea. Which means it's of the highest quality. Some other brands can offer cheaper teas because they use " Fannings/Dust" which are tiny bits and pieces left over and swept up off the floor after processing. The quality isn't the same.

We carefully research and source all of our blends. We love sourcing 

the best quality teas and passing them on to you at a fair price. 


We aren't motivated in sourcing low cost ingredients, we want to make sure we provide you

with well sought out, high quality products that reflect in the products we represent. 

Our teas have no artificial ingredients or artificial "flavour enhancers" so everything

you sip is natural and sugar free.

We are beyond grateful with how quickly our blends have won you over

We really want to encourage you to experiment with our blends, to suit your personal taste and experience. As we know, not everyone brews the same way. 

Anytime is the perfect time for a cuppa!

Team Teaology Melbourne.